Information Technology Recruiting

CII Diversities works as a strategic partner to find qualified talent in the quickly expanding Information Technology (IT) sector. Our recruiters ensure that our partner organizations have successful IT hiring strategies and resources for attracting top talent. IT staffing services for architecture, cyber-security, software development and more.

Accounting & Finance Recruiting

Our recruitment experts partner with clients in the financial sector to alleviate the hiring burdens common to HR departments. We help accelerate growth for business divisions by maintaining a steady headcount and facilitating ever-changing business needs. Accounting & Finance recruitment services for accounting, finance, acquisition support, and more.

Office Recruiting

We bring an extensive network of highly qualified administrative and human resources professionals to a variety of industries. Our proven methodology helps to expedite the hiring process and with a reputation for quality driven staffing and recruitment services for these professionals dates back nearly fifty years. Office and administrative hiring services for clerical positions, administrative support, human resources, and more.

Creative Recruiting

Our creative hiring division is committed to finding the brightest and most dynamic professionals in the industry. CII Diversities recruiters support the innovative elements of corporate communication plans and match talented professionals with growing teams. Creative hiring services for marketing, design, advertising, and more.